1. Electronics  Application

      ?The application of JCC hot-melt bonding materials has been applied to various electronic products, which is closely related to our life. For example, lamination for leather/leather in tablet leather case, conductive foam cotton, packaging plastic and metal chip in smart card, conductive cloth, foam cotton and non-woven fabricin printing roller and etc. 


      Instead of traditional glue, hot melt adheseve is ideal material for electronic products lamination for its better fastness, no volatile substances and environmental protection.

      Application & Industry: Camera Module Adhesive: Mobile phone, tablet and laptop.

      Product Features: 

      Single component and high bonding strength

      Fast curing below 80 °C 

      Wide range of bonding materials


      Application & Industry: VCM motor Adhesive: Mobile phone, tablet and laptop.
      Product Features: Fast curing at 60 ℃, no precipitation and high strength.



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