1. ?Moisture curing reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive, with properties of easy bonding operation, wide range of application, adjustable adhesion and flexibility (elasticity). It has excellent adhesion with wood, plastics, leather, fabrics, metals, Rubber and other materials and has become one of the important varieties of adhesive industry. 

      Features: excellent bonding strength, resistant for heat, chemical corrosion and aging, adjustable adhesion and flexibility.

      Product Advantage

      1. No organic solvent, solid content 100% and green; 

      2. Moisture curing, no drying process and fast energy saving; 

      3. Excellent initial strength and crosslinking curing function make higher final bonding strength; 

      4. Excellent heat/ water/chemical/aging resistance and etc. 

      5. Simple bonding process and easy to use.


      JCC-PUR 51Series PUR For Woodworking

      JCC-PUR 51 series is aimed at woodworking and furniture market, and is widely used in packaging, flat stickers, edge sealing and other scenes. With excellent adhesion and environmental protection, its strong adhesion, good sealing, moisture/heat/cold/oil resistance and other characteristics, are suitable for wood plastic, plastic steel, PVC foam, solid wood and multi-layer plates to diversified wood substrates like veneer, acrylic, PVC, PET, etc.


      ?Technical Data:

      Viscosity (mPa·s)
      Open Time
      Suggested Operation TEMP
      Typical Application
      5112 Milk white solid 6000-9000@120℃ 5~10min 100-130℃ Super high strength, good wettability
      5160A 4000-6000@120℃ 30-60min 100-130℃ High Strength, good generality
      WPC Mute Pad (big)
      5104S 13000-16000@120℃ 2-4min 100-130℃ Fast Drying, high strength
      Mute pad (small)
      5120 20000-30000@130℃ 2-4min 110-130℃ Good bonding strength with wood, plastic and metal
      Wall panel, magnesium panel
      5140 40000-60000@130℃ 20-50s 130-150℃ Good initial viscosity, high Temp resistance
      Door frame caoting, alluminium coating
      5111 13000-17000@120℃ 5-10min 120-130℃ Good wettability, good initial viscosity
      Board-SPC/PET lamination
      5190 60000-90000@140℃ 10-20s 140-160℃ Excellent initial viscosity
      Funiture sealing


      JCC-PUR 50Series PUR For Textile

      JCC-PUR 50 series is suitable for the application and development of all kinds of textiles, covering outdoor sports, urban leisure clothing, military industry, medical care, home textile, underwear and other fields. With high strength, soft feel, high/ low temperature resistance, water resistance and other characteristics, it can meet the diverse needs of customers.


      ?Technical Data:

      Viscosity (mPa·s)
      Open Time
      Suggested Operation TEMP
      Typical Application
      5030 Translucent solid 3000-4000@90℃ 90min 90~120℃ Medium soft, resistant to 90℃ washing Cloth with film
      5040 3000-4000@90℃ 90min 90~120℃ Soft, resistant to 90℃ washing Cloth with film
      5045 3000-5000@90℃ 90min 90~120℃ Good moisture permeability Moisture permeability for cloth with film
      5018 12000-14000@100℃ 60min 100~120℃ Good strength Cloth with cloth
      5020 15000-20000@100℃ 30min 100-120℃ High strength, good initial strength Cloth with cloth
      5008 6000-9000@100℃ 30min 90-120℃ Good permeability, high strength, resistant to 90℃ washing Both sides for film and cloth


      JCC-PUR 5XSeries PUR For Automotive Interiors

      JCC-PUR 5X series is simple to operate and has wide bonding application range. It is environmentally friendly and odor-free. Now more and more automobile customers are using PUR products to realize whole vehicle lightweight and environmental protection, to complete effective adhesion between metal and non-metal materials for greatly reducing car weight.


      ?Technical Data:

      Appearance Milk white solid
      Viscosity (mPa·s) 8000-10000@120℃ 7500~10500@120℃
      Open Time 30~40s 5-10min
      Suggested Operation TEMP 120~140℃ 120~140℃
      Advantage 初固快,強度高,適合快速生成 強度高,適合多種材料
      Typical Application 汽車后蓋板 汽車座椅


      Fire Retardent PUR

      JCC-PUR FR series is brand new fire retardant PUR hot melt adhesive product developed independently by Shanghai Tianyang. Maintaining its traditional hot-melt adhesive properties, it also possessed excellent fire retardant performance for safely and effectively fufilling fire retardant requirements for various industries.


      Technical Data:

      Viscosity (mPa·s) 3000-4000(90℃) 4000-7000(120℃)
      Open Time >60min 5-10min
      Oxygen Index 30 28
      Typical Application Bunker Clothing High-speed Rail Seats



       1. Product technical data is based on typical product, it does not represent our guarantee to this product. Please consult us for specific product data. 

       2. 2KG aluminum foil bag/ 20KG barrel/ 200KG barrel.



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